Our Facilities

Our home is yours. Please, take some time to familiarize yourself with it; we've worked hard to make our home as warm and as inviting as possible. 

Arrangement Office

This generous space welcomes larger families to help make decisions easier.

Our staff will try to make this sit-down experience as comfortable as possible, accommodating your needs. This room is private and gives time and space for us to understand and prepare a personalized service to ensure your final goodbye is as unique and special as your loved one. Meaningful ceremonies don’t just happen. They are well-orchestrated events that demand focus and time, and with the guidance of the ceremonial experts of Creech’s Funeral Home we hope to create a safe and warm experience.

Viewing Area

This gently lit room gives families peace and quiet whilst saying their final goodbyes. This intimate and cherished space contains comfortable seating for your family to sit down, share, and connect. There are also spaces steps away for more private conversations while others are saying their separate goodbyes.

Visitations can be private with family only attendance; or public allowing friends to say goodbye.

Selection Room

This inventory filled show room gives you the experience of seeing and feeling the products before making decisions. With a comfortable area to sit down, take breaks and voice your needs and concerns. From our Metal collection to environmentally friendly, we have options that fit your needs, traditions, and beliefs.

Our Chapel

Our chapel contains adequate seating for an intimate service. The contemporary layout with fabric chairs is designed to make your experience more pleasant.

 With audio and visual connections in the chapel, the service can include surround music as well as a customized slide show.


Transportation to and from your loved one’s service is available in our limousines driven carefully by our staff promising you arrive safely, on-time, and together as a family. Our staff routinely cleans and restocks the cars with cold waters and tissues to provide comfortable and secure transportation with your loved ones. Our main goal is to take the pressure off the day and ensure you and your family are together and protected.